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About Us

Real Funding Program

We are an Industry leading Proprietary firm who passionately want to open this platform for skilled forex traders around the globe, no matter what background they come from. We provided one of the best funded trader programs out there and we want them to join our platform and build their own community. Skilled forex traders who are motivated and willing to push to the front line have made it possible to convert our vision into a concrete concept.

Our Story

The idea to start Real Funding Program came to life in early 2019 when we noticed that many forex traders, especially in third-world countries, were hugely missing out on the advantages of the prop firm.

In the early stages, like these traders, we also suffered similar problems. We had the skills to succeed in trading but did not have sufficient capital to gain profits. Initially, we traded using limited capital resources, but expanded our capital through prop firms. Upon analyzing the increasing demand, we decided to create Real Funding Program!

Our Mission

-To give a fair chance to everyone who is willing to show their skills and create wealth through this fantastic platform.

-We wish to provide traders worldwide with a secure, trustworthy trading framework that will allow them to grow without losing their own money.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading and most trusted funding and investment management companies.

Core Values





Interested in Getting Funded?

As a Company providing one of the best funded trader programs in the industry, when you pass our 1-Phase Assessment, Real Funding Program provides the capital to trade with in the Live Markets.